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Lonely mother adored Tabitha

By Julie Szego, Padraic Murphy
October 02 2002
The Age

Single mother Joy Cox, on the run from an abusive husband, was lonely and scared in her housing-commission flat.

Neighbours say that apart from a friend from Frankston who occasionally visited, and an older man who helped the mother and baby move in, there was little traffic to her Doncaster flat.

But Ms Cox, 42, who along with 17-month-old Tabitha was found dead at home on Thursday, had the presence of mind to seek help.

"Mum used to come into the agency for help," said Doncare chief executive Doreen Stoves yesterday. She was lonely and scared. "Women escaping domestic violence often only have what they're standing up in."

Ms Cox told the agency that she used to smoke pot and "likes a drink". She was also believed to be on medication such as anti-depressants. But social workers said she never appeared to be "under the influence".

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