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Oct. 12, 01:00 EDT

Girl charged in hockey assault must apologize

Toronto Star

A 16-year-old female hockey player charged with the assault of another girl in a Feb. 4 high school game won't be jailed or have a criminal record.

Instead, as part of an alternative measures program, she must perform 50 hours of community service and write a letter of apology to the victim's family. The accused was diverted through an agreement in a Toronto youth court by Judge Lynn King, the crown attorney and her lawyer. The case won't go to trial if she complies fully.

The victim's mother said the family agreed to the deal after the girl admitted guilt. "I couldn't keep (the accused) off the ice; that's the one thing that I wanted to do. But with counselling, maybe this kid will think twice before she's going to do something like this again," she said yesterday.

The victim suffered whiplash and neck bruises when she was punched in the head, according to witnesses.

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