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Thursday, October 10, 2002

Jail for killing abusive hubby

Fatal stabbing ended 'turbulent' relationship


A woman who ended a dysfunctional, violent relationship by killing her abusive spouse was sentenced to a six-year prison term this week.

Kerri Lee Foy cradled Terrence Forde in her arms after fatally stabbing the unarmed man in the heart and said, "Don't die on me. I love you," Mr. Justice David Watt said.


"She killed her partner in a turbulent, somewhat intermittent domestic relationship that had endured for about seven years," Watt said as he passed sentence against Foy, 32, who was charged with manslaughter in the Sept. 13, 2001, slaying of Forde, 41, at his Cathy Jean Cres. apartment.

After the stabbing the mother of three hid in his roommate's bed, changed her clothes and hid the weapon under a nearby cement patio stone, said Watt, who said the offence was worth 8 1/2 years less credit for 13 months of pre-trial custody.

Foy never had a long-term job; rather she lived on support from her lovers, prostitution or welfare, Watt said.


She had a crack cocaine and alcohol problem and was on a binge for a week before the killing. She had been demeaned, abused and insulted for years by Forde and that pattern was repeated on the day she killed him, court heard.

Forde, who had a long criminal record, was an abusive spouse who disobeyed a court order prohibiting him from seeing Foy.

Foy had been accused of stabbing him in the lung four years earlier, but Forde recanted and the charge was dismissed.

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