Toronto Sun

Friday, October 18, 2002

Mom gets $15Gs a month

Fashion mogul could have to pay over $41Gs


Fashion mogul Peter Nygard was ordered to make the highest child support payment in Canadian legal history for his son by an Oakville flight attendant.

In a judgment released yesterday, Justice Frances Kiteley ordered Nygard to pay $15,091 a month in interim support to Kaarina Pakka, 52, for their 15-year-old son Mika.

Nygard, 61, whose fashion company boasts yearly sales of more than $300 million and who gets $2.2 million a year in income, was paying Pakka $3,000 a month since 1991.

"I'm happy with the interim support order," said Pakka, who co-founded Mothers Against Fathers In Arrears (MAFIA) in 1993 after Nygard began falling behind in his payments. She and other MAFIA members picketed his Toronto offices in Nygard was also ordered to pay an additional $15,091 a month in arrears dating back to July 2001.

At the trial, Pakka is seeking $41,820 a month child support, including $30,488 for a home for her and her son, $4,000 for future savings and $3,025 for a car.

Nygard has seven children by four women. He stated he pays $3,000 "net after taxes" for each child plus school fees, Kiteley wrote in the judgment.

In the year 2000, Nygard paid $216,000 in child support for six of them.

The Superior Court award totals $181,092 a year -- almost as much as Nygard paid for the rest of his children.

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