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Men are regularly 'profiled' in domestic violence cases

Letter to the Editor from Mark Charlambous
Friday, November 01, 2002
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I read with some amusement the protestations of Ed Cronin, the Fitchburg mayor's choice for Police Chief, regarding the Steve Basile study of domestic abuse protection orders in Gardner District Court ("Fathers rights: Group fights to help divorced dads," Oct. 26).

For a law enforcement officer who presumably understands the importance of civil rights and equal protection of the law and is sensitive to profiling, his remarks are puzzling.

"The bottom line of domestic violence is 'power and control,' and in most relationships it is the man who has power and control," Cronin says.

At a time when Americans are wrestling with the fairness of ethnic and racial profiling, the most blatant and pervasive form of profiling - gender profiling - is not only ignored, but actually applauded and promoted. It's also rewarded with billions of dollars of taxpayer money through legislation and programs such as the Violence Against Women Act.

Cronin actually brags about his traveling around the world and into local classrooms extolling the virtues of gender profiling. He calls it his "signature issue."

Battered women's advocates have publicly questioned the validity of Basile's study. Indeed, the scientific methodology may appear foreign to them, since they have made a "science" out of battering the truth, abusing the public trust, and controlling the discussion by producing thousands of agenda-driven studies that rely on "creative" social science methodologies.

Battered women's advocates have progressed from the time they practiced censorship by omission - as they did when they completely ignored half of the findings of the seminal domestic violence research from the '70s that spawned the "A woman is battered every 15 seconds" sound bite - to the outright censorship-at-the-source of the present day.

In the original studies, it was found that women are just as likely to initiate domestic violence against their male partners. Today, battered women's advocates correct this problem at the source by specifically preventing any federal funding for domestic violence research that includes male victims of female aggression. This was publicly revealed at a seminar given at Mount Wachusett Community College by Denise Gosellin, a domestic violence criminologist and author of "Heavy Hands."

The same pattern was evident in the history of Basile's research study, where the battered women's advocates bullied their friends in the Statehouse to change Massachusetts' version of the Freedom of Information Act, the Public Records Law. Now people like Steve Basile and the Fatherhood Coalition are specifically prohibited from gaining access to the court records of alleged "victims" of domestic violence.

Cronin says that when women are violent many times it is out of self-defense, or they have been in a long-term abusive relationship. The notion that men may in fact be defending themselves when they are charged with domestic violence, or that the woman may simply be lying is never considered.

Valid data about the true scope and nature of domestic violence is extremely hard to come by since the issue has been politicized and perverted beyond recognition. For example, numbers of female victims are artificially inflated by requiring accused "batterers" to admit guilt in order to stay out of jail. Men charged with a violation of any domestic restraining order (even simply a 'no-contact' order) are required to enter a so-called "batterer's intervention program," where the first order of business is to compel the "batterer" to sign a lengthy document admitting guilt. Refusal to sign means rejection of admission into the program, which means jail.

Here's how our state's judges are taught to evaluate conflicting testimony from "victims" and "abusers," courtesy of batterer's intervention program training materials:

"Batterer's are skilled manipulators, and thus can learn to give all the right answers playing the role of someone who is developing tremendous insight into the abuse problem."

"Partner's (or spouses') accounts of physical abuse are usually the most reliable and accurate sources of information about the perpetrator's level of violence."

It should be apparent to anyone with common sense what is going on here. Men always lie - even when they are admitting guilt! - and women never lie. Hence mandatory arrest and no-drop policies, which Chief Cronin undoubtedly champions. This is truly an Orwellian nightmare for fathers accused of domestic violence in a divorce trying to keep their children.

Battered Women's Resources subscribe to a victim-feminist ideology that holds relationships between men and women are based on power; that men employ "male privilege" and use physical force to control women. This is a hate-filled ideology that has done far too much damage to families and relationships between men and women.

We believe that relationships between men and women are based on love and reciprocity. The Fatherhood Coalition was formed out of love - the love and anguish felt by dads who lost their children because of the divorce/domestic violence regime that holds sway in Massachusetts probate and family courts.

The road to hell is paved with good intentions. But we love our children, and we will no longer sit idly by while battered women's advocates like Ed Cronin trample the civil rights of men under the pretense of serving some higher good.



Editor's note: Charalambous is spokesman for The Fatherhood Coalition.

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