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Using emotion as ammunition

Feminism rewards women who run roughshod over men

Alessandra Eakin
For the Journal-Constitution
Atlanta Journal-Constitution
Monday, December 30, 2002

I suspect men have known this for a long time and, in their better interest, have kept quiet about it. However, in the face of overwhelming evidence, as a woman, I must conclude that "sistas" all are indeed sniveling, simpering imps.

Feminism, go home. Go back to the bedrooms and kitchens where at least for generations you served a purpose. Only there can you achieve the level of mediocrity not remotely evidenced in boardrooms and cubicles since your forcible entry into the office four decades ago.

The Battle of the Sexes has yielded a simmering stalemate, though men concede women have long won the war. The men quit fighting, stopped trying, and no longer care to please their women because they know they can't. Men have lost plenty. They are no longer significant in the estimation of women.

Here's an example of what happens today. At my job once, there was a team-building activity companywide. Each person was assigned a task only they could do. As each person performed his or her role, the team accomplished its goal. Each team, when done performing its task, was to integrate its piece with another team. Each team contributed to the building of a whole unit, which represented cooperation among all departments within a company.

Instead of achieving corporate nirvana, a shameful quagmire resulted. In an instant, a dozen shrill, power-hungry women converged upon a table and started screaming at subordinates to follow their spontaneous, ill-prepared orders. They hijacked the plan, threw out the rules and imposed a cult of personality where the one who shouted the loudest and the meanest and the most often was the winner. A periphery of impotent employees, mostly men, ringed the dominant table of blond ambition.

How did this happen? When did men become trivial? What makes women think they are at all important? Why are the rational-minded marginalized and not celebrated instead?

The balance of power has shifted so dramatically that women have developed a delusional sense of self-worth. Feminism promised women they could be anything they wanted to be without offering a constructive way to achieve greatness. Initiative, ambition, education, dedication became pitiful ploys in contrast to the effectiveness of exhibiting emotions.

Employing what I call "emotional extortion" offers immediate gratification. Pouting over hurt feelings, throwing temper tantrums and hurling accusations of meanness gets you what you want. Why work hard and try often when a crying jag swiftly gets you what you want? Why risk failure when fearful employers hand you the vestiges of victory?

Simply put, women have run amok. Men are losing their ground as they endure blatant abuse by women day after day, decade after decade. Men are wonderful beings, worthy of much praise and appreciation. I am ready for the Man Movement to begin. Somebody please, stop these women before they ruin our lives. I need a man to save me from the wreckage of stupid women.

Alessandra Eakin is an Atlanta writer.