Murder accused 'asked to have sex on table at party' -- UK
December 5, 2002

A court has heard how a woman accused of murdering four men asked party guests if she and her "new lover" could make love on the table while six other people in the room watched.

Kathleen McCluskey, 42, was with a man called Marvin Brodie, 33, when she fetched a bread knife "to undress someone in the room", Norwich Crown Court was told.

She then said she was having a baby and asked if she and Mr Brodie could have sex on the table.

The next day care assistant Mr Brodie was found dead at McCluskey's flat, which was then in Cockcroft Road, Cambridge. Mr Brodie was lying on the floor clutching an empty methadone bottle. When questioned by police, she said his death was nothing to do with her.

In police interviews read to the court earlier, McCluskey said that her first alleged victim, Mohammed Assadi, 50, had "bewitched me". But she said she could not remember the night Mr Assadi died at his flat in Cambridge on August 21, 1999.

McCluskey said that her then husband James Baxter had told her half her methadone had gone and that Mr Assadi was dying. She said she thought she phoned an ambulance after she had heard the "death rattle".

Artist Mr Assadi, 50, was found dead by paramedics in his flat after the all-night sex and drugs party. McCluskey was arrested with Baxter on suspicion of supplying drugs after Mr Assadi died. McCluskey said of Mr Assadi: "I loved him like a baby, you understand."

McCluskey, from Gray Road, Cambridge, denies four counts of murder and four alternative counts of manslaughter. One of the men, James McCluskey, 44, was the defendant's second husband. He married her in April 2001 and died in September of that year, also after taking methadone.

McCluskey said she woke up to find him suffering fits.

She is also accused of murdering Mr Brodie, Mr Assadi, and unemployed Raymond Diaz, 48, also from Cambridge, who all died from drug overdoses. McCluskey's first husband, Mr Baxter, committed suicide in January 2001.

Story filed: 14:58 Thursday 5th December 2002

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