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Judge allows mother of triplets to sell book about abduction

Thursday, December 19, 2002 – Print Edition, Page A9
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STRATFORD, ONT. -- A woman who wrote a book about smuggling her triplets to Mexico two years ago to avoid a bitter custody battle can go ahead and sell the volume.

Mr. Justice David Aston ruled yesterday that Carline Vandenelsen has a "legitimate right" to tell her story in her self-published book about abducting Olivia, Peter and Gray Merkley.

Several bookstores in Southern Ontario pulled copies of America's Most Wanted Mother from their shelves after being threatened with a lawsuit by Ms. Vandenelsen's ex-husband, Craig Merkley, in October.

"Now I'm back to Square 1, so I have to call up bookstores and let them know . . . and take it from there," Ms. Vandenelsen said.

"In one sense I am happy. But on the other hand, I shouldn't have been made to go through with this."

In November, Mr. Merkley asked the court for an order preventing his ex-wife from selling the book on the grounds it violated an earlier ruling made by Mr. Justice John Desotti.

In February, Judge Desotti ordered Ms. Vandenelsen and Mr. Merkley not to denigrate each other in front of their children or in public, either through the media or on the Internet. CP

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