Axe woman joked about wedding ring after killing

A woman who hacked her boyfriend to death with an axe joked about missing out on a white dress and a 20,000 ring in the days following the killing, a court has heard.

A 35-year-old woman, identified as Mrs F, told Leeds Crown Court how former escort girl Jan Charlton went to her Lancashire home shortly after the death of 40-year-old Danny O'Brien last year.

Mr O'Brien was found naked and face down in his blood spattered bedroom with an axe embedded in his head on May 23, 2001, at the home he shared with Charlton in Midgley, West Yorkshire.

Charlton has admitted to the court that she killed Mr O'Brien but she denies murder.

She says she was acting in lawful self-defence after her partner threatened to kill both her and her daughter, Amy, now four years old.

Charlton, 36, also claimed provocation.

Mrs F said Charlton was "laughing and joking" one minute then hysterical and emotional the next during the visit just days after the axe attack.

She told the jury Charlton said to her: "I have missed out on a f***ing white dress and a 20 grand ring."

Asked by Paul Worsley QC, prosecuting, how Charlton was acting when she said this, Mrs F said that she was joking.

She said Charlton's attitude made her uneasy and she added: "For somebody whose just lost a partner she was joking about."

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