Axe killer tells of sex with 10 strangers in nightclub

A former escort girl told detectives she had sex with 10 strangers in a nightclub while her lover watched, a court has heard.

Leeds Crown Court has heard Jan Charlton, 36, relate her sex life to interviewing officers after stating how Danny O'Brien had threatened to chop her head off.

She told detectives she attacked him with an axe after he had also threatened to kill her three-year-old daughter in the bedroom of their home in Midgley, West Yorkshire.

She told detectives she began a kinky sex session with Mr O'Brien, 40, to try to calm him down, and was dressed in just a suspender belt, stockings and rubber gloves when her businessman boyfriend pointed out an axe in an adjoining dressing room.

Charlton denies murdering Mr O'Brien but admits killing him.

The court heard Charlton admit in a police interview that she had previously participated in group sex sessions with her ex-husband Tony Charlton and another couple before she met Mr O'Brien.

Charlton went on to describe occasions when she and Mr O'Brien engaged in various sexual practices, either at home or in public places.

On one occasion Charlton said they went to a sex club in Manchester, which she believed was called Adam and Eve, where she had sex with about 10 strangers while Mr O'Brien watched.

She said: "I had a couple of glasses of wine. We went to this club and he (Mr O'Brien) said that night he wanted me to be f***** by as many men as possible. He was just saying, 'Right, come on, who wants to f*** her?' I had about 10 guys. I said that was the last time I am ever going there again."

Charlton told police how Mr O'Brien gradually became more sexually demanding, which made her feel "uncomfortable" at times. She said that when she refused to engage in certain gross sexual acts, Mr O'Brien would accuse her of being "boring". The trial continues.

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