Axing lover 'was like swatting fly'

A former escort girl who hacked her boyfriend to death with an axe has told a jury it was like "swatting a fly".

Jan Charlton told Leeds Crown Court that she felt numb after axing lover Danny O'Brien to death.

After killing him, Charlton said, she took off her suspenders and stockings and threw them aside before walking into the bedroom's en suite bathroom where she washed her hands.

Charlton, 36, denies murdering Mr O'Brien at the home they shared in Midgley, Wakefield, on May 23 last year. Charlton claims self-defence.

The jury has heard that 40-year-old Mr O'Brien was found naked, handcuffed, gagged and blindfolded, with the axe still embedded in his head.

Asked by Robert Smith QC, defending, what her feelings were at that time she said: "By that time I felt nothing. I was numb. I knew when I was hitting him I just pure hated him, just repulsed me."

Charlton said she shut the killing out of her mind adding: "I know at that moment in time (it was a) case of as if I had just swatted a fly. It felt like I hadn't done anything. I just remember I thought: 'Oh'."

The jury has been told that provocation will be an issue in the case.

Cross-examined by Paul Worsley QC, prosecuting, Charlton denied that she had misled police in the days following the killing, adding: "I was in shock."

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