Axe-killing suspect had 60 sexual partners

The former escort girl who killed her boyfriend with an axe had 60 sexual partners, a court heard.

Jan Charlton, 36, has denied murdering Danny O'Brien but admits killing him at their home in Midgley, West Yorkshire. She claims lawful self defence and provocation.

The court heard she had told psychiatrists she had had 60 sexual partners in her life.

She also agreed she had had about 20 relationships lasting about two to three months as well as long terms relationships with her husband, Mr O'Brien and another man.

Paul Worsley, QC, prosecuting, asked Charlton about a range of sexual acts she had experienced before she met Mr O'Brien including enjoying a threesome when she was a student, partner swapping with her husband and using vibrators.

She also agreed with the prosecutor that she told the psychiatrist about fantasies including having sex with a number of men in a shower and with a woman. Mr Worsley also asked her about a week long trip she made to Spain after her divorce and she admitted she had sex with three men while on the holiday.

He then asked her why she signed up for an escort agency and she said it was so she could earn money while still spending time with her daughter. Charlton said that at first she genuinely believed the escorting would involve simply meeting men for dinner and escorting them to functions.

Earlier Mr Worsley pressed her on whether she had killed Mr O'Brien because he was throwing her out of his house and life. Charlton said: "I have been dumped by far nicer men than Mr O'Brien. You don't kill somebody for that. I wouldn't have cared."

Earlier Mr Worsley asked her why she had stopped hitting her lover with the axe after about 20 blows. He asked: "What was the reason for stopping at 20 rather than 30?" Charlton told the court she had "no idea" and could only remember hitting him three or four times.

The case was adjourned until Monday when Charlton will continue to give evidence.

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