Saturday, February 8, 2003

Hubbie loved his mistress more: Wife

Murder trial told


HOUSTON -- The U.S. woman who ran over her orthodontist husband with her Mercedes testified yesterday that her husband thought she was overweight, too talkative and addicted to her job.

On the other hand, the late David Harris thought his lover, Gail Bridges, was "petite with the perfect fit to sleep with, holding her all night," Clara Harris told jurors at her murder trial.

Harris, 45, said she took notes on restaurant napkins last July 18 while her 44-year-old husband compared her and his mistress. He had admitted to the affair a day earlier.


Six days later she found him with Bridges at a suburban hotel and ran him down in the parking lot. She claims the death was an accident.

Her testimony resumed yesterday for the first time since her lawyer fell ill Wednesday.

"I couldn't believe he could sleep holding her all night because we had never slept like that, never," Harris said of her 10 years of marriage.

Periodically, Harris wiped tears or covered her face on the stand, a contrast to her composed demeanour Wednesday.

Prosecutor Mia Magness, who contends that Harris committed murder in a fit of jealousy, has yet to cross-examine Harris.

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