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B.C. mom says she's been treated unfairly
Thursday, September 30, 1999, Rod Mickleburgh, The Globe and Mail
Collection of articles on this developing story. Amazingly, many of the articles published, were not made available on the newspapers' electronic services. We always wonder why.
Police suspect mother threw baby off bridge
Wednesday, September 29, 1999, Mark Hume, National Post
Woman fled wartime Beirut for Canada
Wednesday, September 29, 1999, Stewart Bell, National Post
Police allege baby was thrown off bridge
Wednesday, September 29, 1999, Rod Mickleburgh and Peter Kennedy, The Globe and Mail
Wow! By now, a dad would have been in jail -- and not allowed to even see the children.
Father reported baby's fall from bridge
Tuesday, September 28, 1999, Rod Mickleburgh and Peter Kennedy, The Globe and Mail
Baby released from hospital
Tuesday, September 28, 1999, Jack Keating, National Post
Baby who fell from bridge doing 'very well'
Monday, September 27, 1999, Kim Lunman, The Globe and Mail
Police search home of mother after baby's fall
Saturday, September 25, 1999, Mark Hume, National Post
Bridge baby's mom `caring and loving'
Saturday, September 25, 1999, Daniel Girard, The Toronto Star
As often from the Star, sloppy journalism supports dumb conclusions. Amazingly, the Star stopped reporting on the incident after this.
Mother had difficulty caring for baby: court papers
Friday, September 24, 1999, Lindsay Kines, Chad Skelton and Neal Hall, National Post

Daughter's Tie To Dad Influences Age Of Puberty
Friday, October 1, 1999, Reuters Health News
The story slowly leaks out.
Father-daughter relationship crucial to when girls enter puberty, Vanderbilt researchers say
Thursday, September 16, 1999, Vanderbilt University News Release
Another important study on the importance of father-daughter relationships.

What about the rights of parents?
Sunday, October 3, 1999, Ted Byfield, The Edmonton Sun
Columnist looks at some Alberta incidents and wonders whether parental paranoia is not justified.
The pitter patter of the UN's little feet
Friday, October 1, 1999, Neil Seeman, National Post
Comments on the problems of The Convension on the Rights of the Child.
Noble words -- and not much else
Tuesday, September 28, 1999, Jeffery Wilson, National Post
Comments on how the Supreme Court of Canada ignores international laws that Canada has agreed to uphold, in this case, The Convention on the Rights of the Child. Perhaps the law is not too great (my opinion too), but these judges are not bound by any law except their own.

HBO purchases the rights to book about masculinity crisis
Wednesday, October 6, 1999, Bernard Weinraub, National Post
That will be entertainment?
Sorry, guys, Faludi is no friend of yours
Wednesday, September 29, 1999, Kathleen Parker, The Orlando Sentinel
This is news?
Das Kapital meets Redbook
Tuesday, September 28, 1999, David Frum, National Post
Amazing how a bad book can get so much coverage. Reviewed as being "brain-death."
Please let the 'whither men?' debate wither
Thursday, September 23, 1999, John Barber, The Globe and Mail
Faludi missed it -- well, I think that's what he said.
The Betrayal Of The American Man
Wednesday, September 8, 1999, Susan Faludi, Newsweek
Feminist seeks to "explain" away men -- and published in a world-wide publication. Frightening in many ways.

"Trouble in Paradise"
Saturday, September, 1999, Melanie Thernstrom, George Magazine
A female student with the aid of a lesbian, feminist "student advocate", apparently, a low propensity for honestly ruins a male professor's life. After conviction she, of course, refuses to pay or retract as ordered by the courts -- and the courts do nothing.
Scholar sees laws on harassment as feminists' weapon
Tuesday, September 29, 1999, Julia Duin, Washington Times
Another reasonable idea turned bad by radicals.

Do 'protection orders' actually violate civil rights?
Thursday, September 30, 1999, Cathy Young, Jewish World Review
A article about reality...and abuse.

Children's group releases nationwide survey, study
Thursday, September 30, 1999, MS NBC
Media image of males is destroying children.

Stranger in a strange land
Thursday, September 30, 1999, Ian Hunter, National Post
The loose grip that Anne McLelland has on reality in Canada....and her push to avoid dealing with it.

Former couple battle for winning $2M lottery ticket
Thursday, September 30, 1999, Leslie Perreaux, National Post
She took the lottery ticket and left. Of course, it is all hers! Who cares about the law?!

ALBERTA: Police seek clues in death of newborn boy
Thursday, September 30, 1999, The Globe and Mail
Strange. Woman forgot she gave birth so dumped the baby's body in a garbage bag and went to play bingo.

Wife convicted of Briton's murder
Thursday, September 30, 1999, The Times
Wife murders husband, apparently because he did not get money from the mags for falsely confessing to the murder of other women.

Ideal mate virtually there for the taking
Thursday, September 30, 1999, Paul Wilkinson, The Times
Computer scientists decide to replace men with a virtual being....to ensure that teenage girls are totally disassociated from reality.

Nurse murdered baby daughter
Monday, September 27, 1999, BBC News
Mother convicted of killing baby.

Monday, September 27, 1999, Joyce Millman, Salon Magazine
TV mirrors the divorce rate.

Quebec's suicide rate blamed on separatist tension in new book
Monday, September 27, 1999, David Stonehouse, National Post
Need to check -- the highest suicide rate is amongst divorced fathers -- tells you what kills who.

Science's new findings: Scary future for families
Sunday, September 26, 1999, Kathleen Parker, The Orlando Sentinel
Scientist finds that womb conditions explain a lot. So should the government take over gestation?

Bad Vibes
Sunday, September 26, 1999, Mary Umberger, Chicago Tribune
Lemak house, site of the multiple child murders, goes up for sale.
Lemaks may receive divorce within weeks
Friday, September 24, 1999, Abdon M. Pallasch, Chicago Sun-Times
Judge Puts Lemak Divorce on Fast Track
Friday, September 24, 1999, Janan Hanna, Chicago Tribune
Child killer's divorce put on "fast track." Lawyers try to ensure that they have her half of the assets in pocket.

"Group Complains About PLEA Booklet"
Saturday, September 25, 1999, Andrea Weibe, Regina Leader Post
Problems with Saskatchewan government propaganda....and a complaint.

A house divided
Saturday, September 25, 1999, Tim Lott, The Daily Telegraph
The joys, and poverty, of property "division" in divorce.

Lamer reveals he was worried about impact of Charter
Thursday, September 23, 1999, Marina Jimenez, National Post
Considering what the Supreme Court has done, everyone should not be worried too!

Child-support woes
Thursday, September 23, 1999,Kim Paskorz, Beaver County Times (Beaver, PA)
Pennsylvania child support system "improved" to swallow money.

Lecture links pessimism to dangerous behaviors
Thursday, September 23, 1999, Jeremy W. Peters, The Michigan Daily
Pessimisn and accidents -- gets the men.

Divorced dads fighting mad
Thursday, September 23, 1999, Mackenzie Carpenter, Pittsburg Post-Gazette
NCFC convention coverage.

Sex experts dispute condom maker's claims on virginity
Wednesday, September 22, 1999, Elena Cherney, National Post
Not even one agrees with this study.
Canadian youth are some of the world's youngest sexually active people
Tuesday, September 21, 1999, Canada News Wire
Condom manufacturer's wishful thinking? or really?

Some more equal than others
Wednesday, September 22, 1999, Martin Loney, National Post
Reference to Wilfrid Laurier gender-biased hiring policies and the active discrimination at Canadian universities.

The great blurring of need and want
Wednesday, September 22, 1999, Kathleen Parker, The Orlando Sentinel
What kids need versus what parents want -- and who pays.

How to divorce a millionaire
Monday, September 20, 1999, Andrew Coyne, National Post
Fair division
Monday, September 20, 1999, Editorial, Toronto Star
Star support Baker decision, while explicitly pointing out that the Supreme Court does not allow a real divorce.
Millionaire ordered to pay $10,000 monthly support
Friday, September 17, 1999, Elena Cherney, National Post
Baker sort of wins, sort of loses. Another illogical move from the Canadian Supreme Court. The Francis v. Baker decision is available at http://www.lexum.umontreal.ca/csc-scc/en/pub/1999/vol3/html/1999scr3_0250.html. Vindictive mom figures she needs a salary equivalent of $250,000 over her own $75,000 to look after two teenage girls....after all a mere $83,000 was not enough.
The ties that bind -- fiscally and forever
Friday, September 17, 1999, Charlie Gillis, National Post
The Supreme Court does away with divorce -- well, for men anyways. Even "radical lesbian feminist" lawyer Carole Curtis of NAWL figures that the Supreme Court has laid the groundwork to eliminate marriage from the Canadian society within the next couple of decades.
Ruling will affect case of Ontario man ordered to pay $17,000 per month
Friday, September 17, 1999, Elena Cherney, National Post
Will someone else win? And he doesn't have THAT much money.
Supreme Court backs mother in epic child-support battle
Friday, September 17, 1999, Kirk Makin, The Globe and Mail
Francis plays down significance of Supreme Court child-support victory
Friday, September 17, 1999, Kirk Makin, The Globe and Mail
Francis reveals that the money is NOT for the kids, it is for HER debts.
Marriages come and go, but parenthood is forever
Friday, September 17, 1999, Editorial, The Globe and Mail
Globe asks "Never a divorce? Dad just keep paying mom?"
Millionaire ordered to keep up support payments
Friday, September 17, 1999, CBC News
Poor little rich girls
Saturday, September 11, 1999, Margaret Wente, The Globe and Mail
Globe editor tries to rewrite the story, but gets it wrong. In addition, we see the editor also engaging in the emotional abuse of these children by reidiculing their father in public in a way directed pointedly at the girls. Like mother, like editor. When Mom does this it is called parental alienation, when the editor does it, it should be called criminal.
Wealthy father loses child support battle
Friday, September 17, 1999, Valerie Lawton, Toronto Star
Still didn't get it right. MOM to partake in his lifestyle.
Rich dad must pay
Friday, September 17, 1999, Mark Dunn, The Toronto Sun
Supreme Court ruling in child-support case may affect wealthy
Wednesday, September 15, 1999, Elena Cherney, National Post
A misinterpretation of the case. This case is about the components of child support that are in place solely as hidden support for other people -- like the ex-spouse, the new step-parent, etc. Hopefully another slap in the dictionary for Rosalie Abella.
Court considers support rules for rich
Wednesday, September 15, 1999, Valerie Lawton, Toronto Star
I guess we expect the Star to get it wrong.

Focus on more than baby's first 3 years
Sunday, September 19, 1999, Kathleen Parker, The Orlando Sentinel
Trying to do the right thing for your kids....first don't believe the stupid books.

Unfortunately, not all the kids are all right
Saturday, September 18, 1999, Hanna McDonough, Letteroto the Editor of The Globe and Mail
Social Worker from the Clarke Institute talks about how wrong McLaren is, especially with high-conflict cases.
The kids (of divorce) are all right
Saturday, September 11, 1999, Leah McLaren, The Globe and Mail
Not many of them are. Using a study that shows the divorce rate of children from divorced families has "reduced" to be only 140% above normal, discounting why (fewer marry) and then tying in the discreditted "ignore reality for political reasons" Louise Silverstein and Carl Auerbach article is hardly worth a thing.

Canada's youth mired in a 'psychosocial' rut, health ministers told
Friday, September 17, 1999, Mark Kennedy, National Post
Yes, wake up Alan Rock! Kids need their dads. Guess what they don't have now?
Canadians healthier but stress hits young
Friday, September 17, 1999, William Walker, Toronto Star
Stress hobbling teens
Friday, September 17, 1999, The Toronto Sun
Divorce and the result of the exclusion of fathers in these decades continue to deal a blow to young people.

Prosecutor, policeman fined for councillor's wrongful arrest
Friday, September 17, 1999, George Kalogerakis, National Post
Police-trainer not only acquitted on sexual abuse charges made by his mentally ill step-daughter, but prosecutors and policemen fined for pursuing the case with no evidence and substantial material on step-daughter's illness. It is about time that these false accusations be stopped given the disgraceful way in which they are handled and the "shield" laws that prevent a reasonable look at the reality of the situation.

Teacher tells court 'fix' was in
Friday, September 17, 1999, Sam Pazzano, Toronto Sun
The weapon of choice against males even outside of divorce -- false allegations. Shows why the ability to sue has become so important.

Silence on teen pregnancies national disgrace
Friday, September 17, 1999, Rory Leishman, London Free Press
Comments on the moral issues reflected in those countries having so many teenage pregnancies. Feminist "freedom" that backfires.

Universities hiring, but white males need not apply
Friday, September 17, 1999, Janet Steffenhagen, Vancouver Sun
Shades of Laurier! Discrimination in hiring at universities is an institution now!

Father-daughter relationship crucial to when girls enter puberty, Vanderbilt researchers say
Thursday, September 16, 1999, Vanderbilt University News Release
Another important study on the importance of father-daughter relationships.

Bench can't take the heat
Thursday, September 16, 1999, Ian Hunter, National Post
Supreme Court Justice Claire L'Heureux-Dube shows that she cannot handle the job. Some people figured that out already.

Children 'could sue parents for share of income'
Thursday, September 16, 1999, Alexandra Frean, The Times
Heck, why just divorce or death to take a parent's retirement fund? The kids can get him while they're still kicking! That's taking the best interests of the kids to heart.

Law Barring Adoptions by Felons Struck Down
Thursday, September 16, 1999, Michael Riccardi, Law News Net
Killers can now adopt in NY!

Judges handed big, fat raises
Wednesday, September 15, 1999, Jeff Harder, The Toronto Sun
Ohhh...I will suppress my comments on this one.

Once Could Be Enough for Sex Bias
Monday, September 13, 1999, Darryl van Duch, Law News Net
One act, whether sexual or not, is enough in IL to establish gender bias.

Top court rules legal aid must help poor parents fighting state for custody
Saturday, September 11, 1999, Kirk Makin, The Globe and Mail
Interesting decision that says a a parent should get legal aid when a child/children are being seized by the local Child Protection people. This Supreme Court ruling contridicts the Supreme Court rulings in other cases -- unless women are the only parent to be considered as a parent. You can see the ruling on New Brunswick (Minister of Health and Community Services) v. G.(J.) at: http://www.lexum.umontreal.ca/csc-scc/en/pub/1999/vol3/html/1999scr3_0046.html. One piece of the decision that is interesting is: "State removal of a child from parental custody pursuant to the state's parens patriae jurisdiction constitutes a serious interference with the psychological integrity of the parent. Besides the obvious distress arising from the loss of companionship of the child, direct state interference with the parent-child relationship, through a procedure in which the relationship is subject to state inspection and review, is a gross intrusion into a private and intimate sphere. Further, the parent is often stigmatized as "unfit" when relieved of custody. As an individual's status as a parent is often fundamental to personal identity, the stigma and distress resulting from a loss of parental status is a particularly serious consequence of the state's conduct. A combination of stigmatization, loss of privacy, and disruption of family life are sufficient to constitute a restriction of security of the person." Sounds like a loss of custody to me.

A year in the life of the Canadian family: BIRTH OF A SERIES
Saturday, September 11, 1999, Edward Greenspoon, The Globe and Mail
The start of the Globe and Mail series on families. Read -- and figure out when they reflect Dad's importance.
Family Matters
Saturday, September 11, 1999, Alanna Mitchell, The Globe and Mail
About a marine ecologist turned mother in Calgary (must have been something in the water).
The new stay-at-home moms
Monday, September 13, 1999, Sean Fine, The Globe and Mail
Women lawyers stay at home or stay at work. Dads get no choice.
A working parent's paradise
Tuesday, September 14, 1999, Andreé Picard, The Globe and Mail
Quebec pays for children.
Lego families: Parents build new way of life
Wednesday, September 15, 1999, Alanna Mitchell, The Globe and Mail
Family structures...or lack therefore.
What's this city doing right?
Thursday, September 16, 1999, Sean Fine, The Globe and Mail
Port Colborne is kid-friendly?
Two nations divided along family line
Friday, September 17, 1999, Alan Freeman, The Globe and Mail
France and Germany have different outlooks.
An MP's passion for families
Saturday, September 18, 1999, Anne McIlroy, The Globe and Mail
John Godrey's curious ideas....not too practical.

Searching for the secret
Thursday, September 16, 1999, Sean Fine, The Globe and Mail
For chidren's ability to learn? "A key factor is the quality of parental interaction with children in the early years" which is code for not a single mother family, especially with negative parenting (i.e. no Dad).

Don't draw too much from day-care study
Wednesday, September 15, 1999, Kathleen Parker
Heck, when you are doing a bad job, get the kids who don't know any better to say it's all right! Parker discussing the pseudo-science involved.

Alarm raised over students behaving badly
Wednesday, September 15, 1999, Virginia Galt, The Globe and Mail
Gee...Health Canada again refuses to acknowledge the results of lack of a father who is present in children's lives, and the trend the matches the refusal to let fathers play their part..

Memories of abuse invalidate agreement
Tuesday, September 7, 1999, Donovan Vincent, Toronto Star
Judge further propogates myth that women are never responsible because they might have memories, even false, of abuse. Obviously, this judge figures that this women should neither vote nor have any child care responsibilities!

Teen fathers belie stereotype, study finds
Tuesday, September 14, 1999, Stewart Bell, National Post
Despite the feminist line, teenage male fathers want to stay in touch with their children. Not acceptable feminist philosophy, so say that they are all abusive (despite teenage mothers being the most abusive parent group) and justify them being cut out of their children's lives.

Sticking Up For Single Fathers
Tuesday, September 14, 1999, Belinda Goldsmith, Reuter News
Swedes also know that fathers are important....but not the lawmakers there, apparently. I wonder where those lawmakers are from.

The traitorous granny
Tuesday, September 14, 1999, National Post
Little old lady sold atomic bomb plans to the Russians and fueled the Cold War and hundreds of death. But that's OK, the UK government would never go after a granny.

Arbour starts Supreme Court job early
Tuesday, September 14, 1999, Elena Cherney and Campbell Clark, National Post
I wonder whether earlier would have stopped some of these silly decisions that bunch is making.

'They were here to take my son away'
Saturday, September 11, 1999, Gary Dimmock, The Ottawa Citizen
Yet another horror courtesy of a Superior Court judge [Justice Lawrence Morin], a vindicative mother [Cheryl Polikoff] and a biased police force [Const. Mike Harwood and Sgt. Sue Blacklock]. I wish it was something unusual, but this is because the "child" was a 22 year old, Grade 12 graduate being alleged to be a 12 year old equivalent.

Quebec mother threatened with jail over $25,000 unpaid support
Saturday, September 11, 1999, Mike King, National Post
Yeah, right. It is was a man.... Note though that despite that over 12% of custody cases in Quebec have a male as the custodial/residential parent, less than 4% of support payers are female. Makes you realise just how important it is to discriminate against children if the support parent is female.

Jury recommends death for mother who shot 4 sons
Saturday, September 11, 1999, National Post
Hard to believe that there is a country where women aren't allowed to execute their children at will. Of course, she shot them all in the head, but missed her own.

Lowering the bar
Saturday, September 11, 1999, Editorial, National Post
Comments on a recent Supreme Court decision. Judges figure the ability to breath properly is not necessary for a firefighter. Now we know where the asthmatics can find a job.

Sacked: for being Australian and male
Saturday, September 11, 1999, Sue Cant, The Age
Only in Canada, you say? NOT!

Women Rise to Power in the KKK
Monday, September 13, 1999, The Independent
More inroads make by feminism.

Fathers' group seeks to right inequities
Sunday, September 12, 1999, Kathleen Parker, The Orlando Sentinel
A look at justice, and a call to look at reality.
Due process and protection
Sunday, September 12, 1999, Eileen McNamara, Boston Globe
Feminist justifies discrimination and false imprisonment -- and points out that the courts do too.
Divorced Men Claim Discrimination
Tuesday, September 7, 1999, Erica Noonan, Boston Globe
Discrimination case filed.
The abuse of restraining orders
Monday, August 30, 1999, Cathy Young, The Boston Globe
Excellent summary of the problem -- that occurs in most western countries.
Dads to Sue for Discrimination
Tuesday, August 24, 1999, Amy Sinatra, ABC News
National coverage of U.S. injustice in action.
Fathers' rights activists plan suit
Wednesday, August 18, 1999, Jordana Hart, The Boston Globe
Massachusetts minister-father considered a batterer and in jail for opening the door for his 5 year old son.
Accused batterer chooses jail time
Wednesday, August 18, 1999, Dennis Tatz, The Patriot Ledger
Complete with the ex getting disturbed by butterflies, and a probration officer who feels opening a door is abuse.

Many cot-death babies 'killed by parents'
Friday, September 10, 1999, Ian Murray, The Times
Conflicting studies leave confusion...at least with me.

McEwan's former wife twisted the truth, says judge
Friday, September 10, 1999, Tim Jones and Michael Harvey, The Times
McEwan's ex-wife is burgled for documents
Monday, September 6, 1999, Michael Harvey, The Times
More on the battle.
McEwan in New Custody Battle
Monday, August 23, 1999, The Independent
Ex-refuses to return child, still.
Ian McEwan's wife defies court to take sons into hiding
Wednesday, August 18, 1999, The Independent
The famous get it too. Hopefully she will be charged with kidnapping (yeah, right).

4th Court of Appeals Confronts Transsexuals; Marital Rights
Friday, September 10, 1999, Nathan Koppel, Law Net News
So, when a he/she used to be a she/he, how does that stuff all work?

Activists to move into Rideau Hall
Thursday, September 9, 1999, Robert Fife, National Post
She's the governor-general. And you're not
Thursday, September 9, 1999, Scott Feschuk, National Post
Challenge for Clarkson is to win hearts of Canadians
Thursday, September 9, 1999, Richard Foot, National Post
Broadcaster has lived her life in the public eye
Thursday, September 9, 1999, Jonathon Gatehouse, National Post
Couple used to taking political centre stage
Thursday, September 9, 1999, Luiza Chwialkowska, National Post
A governor-general for half the country
Thursday, September 9, 1999, Editorial, National Post
Canada appoints a female Governor-General who has actively promoted discrimination against men and has publicly stated that she will not fulfill the conditions of the post. Makes you realise just how "with it" the Prime Minister's assistants really aren't.
PM names Clarkson
Thursday, September 9, 1999, William Walker, Toronto Star
Appointment fuels debate, confusion
Thursday, September 9, 1999, Valerie Lawton, Toronto Star
A strong nationalist for governor-general
Thursday, September 9, 1999, Editorial, Toronto Star
Star ignores prior bigotry, hopes for a new place in Ottawa for (newspaper article?) writers.
Reaction generally positive to Clarkson appointment
Thursday, September 9, 1999, Graham Fraser, The Globe and Mail
Rather neutral rating of choice.

Please let the 'whither men?' debate wither
Thursday, September 23, 1999, John Barber, The Globe and Mail
Faludi missed it -- well, I think that's what he said.
The Betrayal Of The American Man
Wednesday, September 8, 1999, Susan Faludi, Newsweek
Feminist seeks to "explain" away men -- and published in a world-wide publication. Frightening in many ways.

Allegations of racism rock Saskatchewan union
Wednesday, September 8, 1999, Paul Waldie, National Post
Status of Women groups again cry discrimination if all do not bow down to their demands. This biting the hand that feeds them is typical, and hopefully will signal an early demise.

School taught me how to have sex, says 14-year-old dad-to-be in U.K.
Wednesday, September 8, 1999, Araminta Wordsworth, National Post
A Canadian slant on the U.K. schools promoting child pregnancies.
Sex education courses not to blame for active teens, educators say
Wednesday, September 8, 1999, Tom Arnold, National Post
Canadian educators figure when it comes to sex, teenagers are stupid and unmotivated. Guess what the teens figure about the educators!

Death sentence urged for Eubanks in Children's slayings
Tuesday, September 7, 1999, Minerva Canto, San Diego Union-Tribune
Death sentence for mother who killed her children?

More judges requesting special security
Tuesday, September 7, 1999, Nahlah Ayed, National Post
More judges worry that decapitating peoples lives is not as fun for the victims.

Women Litigators Still Face Job Pressures Men Don't
Tuesday, September 7, 1999, Scott Brede, Law Net News
Women lawyers complain that there are not treated the same as men -- on items where there are treated the same! However, they continue to take advantage of the situation.

Report child abuse, even at risk of losing business, dentists told
Tuesday, September 7, 1999, Charlie Gillis, National Post
Now dentists are to get into the accusation business. I wonder what training they won't get.

For many HIV-positive mothers, it comes down to fight or flight
Tuesday, September 7, 1999, Mark Kennedy, National Post
Even after birth, mothers claim the sdivine right to control the life and death of children to the exclusions of all others.

A slap in the face of domestic violence
Sunday, September 5, 1999, Kathleen Parker, Orlando Sentinel
Violence is violence....a super call for honesty.

Mediation gets less than due
Saturday, September 4, 1999, Dave Brown, Ottawa Citizen
Do lawyers REALLY support methods that don't involve litigationa nd large legal fees?

Study: Mom's Blues Can Hinder Child
Saturday, September 4, 1999, Anjetta McQueen, Associated Press
Mother's depression hinders children's development -- unless rich.

On neutral ground
Saturday, September 4, 1999, Jordana Hart, Boston Globe
Holding children and fathers hostage is what is considered as "neutral" in Massachusetts.

Man against woman in think-tank tussle
Sunday, September 5, 1999, John Harlow and Stephen Bevan, The Sunday Times
Feminist sexism comes to prestigous British think tank.

Men in crisis? That's how we like it
Sunday, September 5, 1999, Giles Coren, The Sunday Times
A strange article, but mostly a review of "Stiffed - The Betrayal of the Modern Man", by American academic Susan Faludi, which seems to figure that women will have to find something to do with the broken, useless men to keep them out of mischief.

I'll Keep Baby, Says Pregnant 12-Year-Old
Thursday, September 2, 1999, Yahoo News
12-year-old girl from 14-year-old boyfriend makes the UK's youngest grandmother (age 26).
Impoverished lives
Sunday, September 5, 1999, Editorial, The Sunday Times
The thoughts of the times on 12-year-old mothers and 14-year-old fathers.
Too Much Too Young
Sunday, September 5, 1999, Richard Woods and Kirsten Sellars, The Sunday Times
More on the "liberation" of children. [Note: The Sunday Times also attributed this article to Kirsten Sellars. A Kirsten Sellars, who assures us she is the same one, has contacted us via email and told us that this was incorrect. She requested that we strike her name from the byline. We have done so.]

Egg cloning may let 70-year-olds become mothers
Sunday, September 5, 1999, Lois Rogers, The Sunday Times
Clones...who will they hit for child support?

Abused children to sue councils
Sunday, September 5, 1999, John Harlow, The Sunday Times
UK CAS's now open to suit.

Therapist Found Negligent in Lawsuit
Friday, September 3, 1999, Robert Imrie, Associated Press
Another recovered memory fraud, this time the practionner got sued.
Collected Hess Trial Headlines
Friday, September 3, 1999, Wausau Daily Herald
A large collection of newspaper articles about this case.

Divorced Man Not Father, but Must Support Child
Friday, September 3, 1999, Bruce Balestier, Law Net News
Father informed after 13 years that he was not the child's father because child should not suffer because mother was a sl.... Well, .

Study finds bias against men in custody cases
Thursday, September 2, 1999, Paul Waldie, National Post
Yet another study showing the obvious -- and denied. Journalist decides to focus on breast-feeding, without a pump. Boy, is he in for an education somewhere along the line.

Canadians want balance at work, new survey finds
Thursday, September 2, 1999, Vanessa Lu, Toronto Star
Some things are more important than money.

After a Century, We've Produced the Stressed Out, Cooped Up Battery Child
Thursday, September 2, 1999, The Independent
What have we done to the kids?

Mother charged in deaths
Thursday, September 2, 1999, National Post
More dead kids - mom and grandmom charged.

Boo who? The winner of the piggery prize for sexism
Thursday, September 2, 1999, Debra Jopson, Sydney Morning Herald
Australian femies awards for sexism, a lot for themselves?

Journals search for own cure-all
Thursday, September 2, 1999, Brad Evenson, National Post
"Learned" journals sacrifice integrity to make a buck.

Gays bypass British law to father twins
Thursday, September 2, 1999, David Graves, National Post
And you said it would never happen....

ADHD May Be Overdiagnosed in Kids
Wednesday, September 1, 1999, Sonja Barisic, Associated Press
2-3 times the rate of diagnosis that should be there -- and watch out white boys!

The best of times ...
Wednesday, September 1, 1999, Jeffrey Simpson, The Globe and Mail
Women take over university and poverty.....men ignored as usual.

Pre-nups No Longer Just for the Wealthy
Wednesday, September 1, 1999, David E. Rovella, Law Net News
Once lawyers realise that they get paid less, those will go by the way.

Grandparents Raising Grandkids More Likely To Have Health Problems
Wednesday, September 1, 1999, InteliHealth
How to knock-off those grandparents. Hit them with the kids.

The Mystique of Betty Friedan
Wednesday, September, 1999, Alan Wolfe, Atlantic Monthly
A look at the false life of feminist Betty Friedan.

An important role for men in families
Wednesday, September 1, 1999, Editorial, Beaver County Times
Paper looks at the incorrect "politically correct" terms under the CASA study.
Survey: Dads interaction with teens can reduce chance kids will smoke, drink or use illegal drugs
Monday, August 30, 1999, Lori Lessner, The Charlotte Observer
Here is what the report did show.
CASA 1999 Teen/Parent Drug Survey Reveals: Dads AWOL in Teen Substance Abuse Battle
Monday, August 30, 1999, The National Center on Addication and Substance Abuse at Columbia University
One of those backwards way of saying something to be politically correct. Father presence cuts down teenage drug use. Single mother families show 30% higher rates of teen drug, alcohol and tobacco use, houses where fathers are excluded from the children show 68% higher rates. Study tries to justify something about it being easier for teens to tell mom they are crackheads, but if you don't want crackheads, you need a dad (with exceptions found in Washington D.C.).
Study links teen drug, alcohol use to trouble with father
Tuesday, August 24, 1999, David Ho, National Post
Post prints the same unimaginative spin. It is Dad that makes the difference on drug, alcohol and tobacco use.

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