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Falls top list of accident injuries

André Picard
The Globe and Mail
Thursday, December 2, 1999

Five times as many people are admitted to Ontario hospitals with injuries from falls as from traffic accidents, according to a new study.

An average of 180 people daily in the province are admitted for treatment of injuries. Of those, an average of 106 were injured in falls, compared with 23 in motor vehicle accidents and 10 whose wounds were self-inflicted, according to figures published yesterday by the Canadian Institute for Health Information. (The rest of the injuries are in other categories.)

Injuries from traffic accidents have dropped markedly over the past five years, notably among males aged 15 to 24. The rate in that age group fell 35 per cent, thanks to the province's graduated licensing system, researchers concluded.

There are broad regional variations in injuries, with rates almost double in Northern Ontario compared with the central eastern region. Overall, Ontario has a hospital injury admission rate of 57 per 100,000, considerably lower than the national average of 69.

Injuries accounted for almost 600,000 hospital days in Ontario last year. Those most likely to be injured were elderly women, in falls. The most likely cause of admission for a man was injuries suffered in a traffic accident.

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