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Wilson's son denies sex-abuse allegations

The Globe and Mail
Monday, December 20, 1999

Vancouver -- The wife of B.C. cabinet minister Gordon Wilson says she's being denied access to her children after her ex-husband filed sexual-abuse allegations against her stepson.

Judi Tyabji-Wilson and Mathew Wilson, Gordon Wilson's 23-year-old son, both vehemently denied any wrongdoing. She said her lawyer will appear in B.C. Supreme Court in Vancouver tomorrow in an attempt to restore access to the three children -- a boy and two girls aged 12, nine and seven, respectively.

Ms. Tyabji-Wilson's ex-husband, Kim Sandana of Kelowna, said Saturday he went to police after one of the children complained of abuse by Mathew Wilson. "They can protest their innocence all they like -- this is going to explode in their faces," said Mr. Sandana, who won permanent custody of the children in 1994. CP

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