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Wednesday, December 01, 1999

Wife who killed husband confesses to two other slayings
Italian press brands her 'serial killer housewife'
Bruce Johnston
The Daily Telegraph

ROME - An Italian housewife convicted of murdering her husband after suffering his constant violence has confessed to murdering two other men because they wanted to have sex with her.

Milena Quaglini da Broni, 42, told magistrates in Pavia, northern Italy, this week that in 1995 she killed Giustino Della Pozza, an 83-year-old who had employed her as a maid and to whom she owed money, because "he wanted to have sex."

At the time of his death, she had calmly told police she had found her employer on the floor in a pool of blood. Because the injuries and position of the body were in keeping with the man having a fall, she was believed.

The murder occurred three years before she killed her husband in a crime for which she has already been sentenced. Late last month, she also confessed to killing another man, this time a 53-year-old worker, who had also "wanted sex." Italy's press have branded the woman a "serial killer housewife" and hinted there could be more victims.

But her lawyer, Licia Sardo, said she had suffered a violent childhood, and so had snapped when she had been sexually pestered by her victims.

"We are seeking a declaration of complete mental infirmity," Ms. Sardo said.

Yet the picture that has emerged from local press reports is one of a remarkably controlled and determined woman.

One evening in August last year, after a raucous meeting of the Northern League party in which she and her husband, Marco Fogli, were involved, the couple argued.

Later, when their three children were in bed, she hit her husband with a lamp as he slept before battering him with a wooden statue.

She later telephoned police and confessed to the crime. A sentence of 14 years was quickly commuted to house arrest, but she then went to live with a former convict.

Two weeks later, police found the body of 53-year-old Angelo Porrello in a village between Pavia and Milan. She had doped him, then drowned him in a bath.

In prison she at first had continued to write to Mr. Porrello to pretend she did not know of his death, but finally broke down and admitted the murder last month.

She said she had met him through an advertisement. But he, too, had wanted sex.

After making him promises, she gave him a coffee containing 20 tranquilizers, then drowned him in the bath. Afterward she carried his body to her car and dumped it in the country.

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