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Friday, December 10, 1999

Woody Allen's 11-year-old genius son in college
Mitchell Fink
New York Daily News

Seamus Farrow: (Photo ran in all editions except Toronto.)

Wilfredo Lee, The Associated Press
Seamus Farrow, the precocious 11-year-old who is estranged from his famous filmmaking father, Woody Allen, is enrolled in college and has already applied to Columbia University in New York. News of Seamus' academic success came as a surprise to Allen, who hasn't spoken to his son in four years, after a protracted battle with the boy's mother, actor Mia Farrow, above. Allen and Farrow ended their relationship after the bespectacled movie icon had an affair with Soon-Yi-Previn, Seamus' adopted sister.

NEW YORK - Woody Allen's 11-year-old son has already enrolled in college, spokesmen for the boy's mother confirmed yesterday.

However, the celebrated filmmaker, who is estranged from the boy, was surprised to learn that his child with actor Mia Farrow is enrolled at a Massachusetts college for gifted students and has applied to Columbia University.

The boy, Seamus Farrow, lives with his mother in Connecticut and attends Simon's Rock College, in Great Barrington, Mass., a school for gifted high school students. He is the youngest at the college and is taking courses in Latin and biology.

William Beslow, a lawyer for Ms. Farrow, said the boy hopes to begin classes at Columbia next fall.

Mr. Allen learned that his son has already begun college from a reporter. "This is the first I'm hearing of it," he said.

Mr. Allen has neither seen nor spoken with his son for four years, a casualty of his split with Ms. Farrow after he began an affair with Soon-Yi Previn, one of her adopted children. Mr. Allen and Ms. Previn married in 1997 and have a five-month-old daughter.

In 1993, Ms. Farrow gained custody of Seamus and, after a court battle with Mr. Allen, a judge forbade the director from being in the child's company without supervision.

Mr. Beslow said Seamus "is positively phobic" about his father and refuses to see him. "He sees Woody less as his father and more as the man who was having an affair with his sister Soon-Yi."

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