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Friday, December 10, 1999

Klein's daughter charged with making false accusation
Domestic abuse alleged
Robert Remington
National Post

CALGARY - The daughter of Ralph Klein, the Alberta Premier, is charged with wrongfully accusing her husband of domestic abuse.

Angela Klein-Marcia was charged Wednesday with mischief and making a false statement to police after claiming she was assaulted by her husband, Richard Marcia, on July 28.

She declined comment when contacted late Wednesday by reporters. "My life is private," she said. She could not be reached yesterday.

Ms. Klein-Marcia, 34, is scheduled to appear in court in Drumheller, Alta., on Jan. 7. She is Mr. Klein's daughter from a previous marriage.

The charges are the latest chapter in a tumultuous relationship that has seen Mr. Marcia, 36, twice jailed for assaulting his wife. In 1996, he was sentenced to four months for two assaults. In October of 1998, he was sentenced to one year for another assault.

In the latest incident, Ms. Klein-Marcia allegedly complained to police of a fourth assault in July but nine days later recanted.

Mr. Klein's stepdaughter, Lisa Colleen Pinder, last year also recanted after claiming abuse by her boyfriend, Ronald David Guenther. His assault charge was dismissed when Ms. Pinder said on the witness stand that the incident was a misunderstanding and she did not wish the case to proceed.

The first assault by Mr. Marcia against Ms. Klein-Marcia occurred in February of 1996 while the two were engaged. According to court records, he slammed her head into the steering wheel and dashboard of her car. The second assault occurred one month later when he handcuffed her and tied her to a bed. The couple later married. The assault last year occurred while Mr. Marcia was on probation.

Colleen Klein, wife of the premier, says she was a victim of domestic abuse more than 30 years ago at the hands of her first husband. She has been on the board of an organization for families in crisis and recently chaired a forum on children and family issues.

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