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Monday, December 27, 1999

B.C. Mother not worried about RCMP report
Dropped-baby case
Sarah Galashan
National Post

Arlen Redekop, the Province
Nadia Hama, her daughter, Kaya, and her son, Jovan, see Santa at the Oakridge Mall in Vancouver two days after the children were returned to her care.

The mother whose 20-month-old baby miraculously survived a 47-metre drop from a suspension bridge last fall says she is not worried about the RCMP's recommendation that charges be laid in connection with the incident.

"I'm just trying to (get) my life in order. We've been too much in the news. I think we've had enough," Nadia Hama said in an interview.

Ms. Hama was holding her daughter, Kaya, in her arm when she dropped her over the Capilano Suspension Bridge. Ms. Hama claims she tripped while walking on the bridge and that the fall was accidental. The child plunged 15 stories to a rocky ledge below.

Rescuers say tree branches broke the baby's fall. The baby, who has Down's syndrome, suffered only scratches and bruises.

A report forwarded to the Crown last week suggests at least one charge, perhaps more, should be laid in connection with the baby's fall. Details of the recommendations, including who may be charged and with what crime, are not being released.

The Crown may not make a decision until January. Kjeld Werbes, the child's father, who, according to RCMP, received a phone call from Ms. Hama moments after the fall and then telephoned emergency services, could not be reached for comment yesterday.

Ms. Hama, who has been critical of how the RCMP has handled the case, said she does not know any details about the possible charges other than what she has read about in the newspaper.

Earlier this month, Kaya, and Ms. Hama's five-year-old son, Jovan, were returned home by the provincial Ministry for Children and Families after being taken from their mother following the Sept. 22 incident.

When reached at her Vancouver home yesterday, she said she is enjoying the holidays with her children. "It's been a wonderful Christmas," she said.

When custody of her children was reinstated, Ms. Hama told reporters she was confident she would eventually be cleared of any wrongdoing.

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