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Friday, December 24, 1999

Police recommend charge in dropped-baby case
Dene Moore
The Canadian Press

Glenn Baglo, The Vancouver Sun
Nadia Hama with her 18-month-old daughter, Kaya, who fell 47 metres from a suspension bridge.

NORTH VANCOUVER, B.C. - Police are recommending the laying of at least one charge stemming from an infant's 15-storey plunge off a suspension bridge earlier this fall.

The RCMP in this Vancouver suburb has concluded its investigation into Kaya Hama's Sept. 22 fall off the Capilano suspension bridge.

A report forwarded to the Crown earlier this week suggests "at least one charge," according to Constable Tom Seaman, department spokesman. He would not say what the charge would be, nor who is likely to be charged.

After they have reviewed the RCMP recommendations, "there could be more than one charge recommended or one of several charges recommended," Mr. Seaman said yesterday. He declined to give details.

The Crown will review the report over the holidays and decide how to proceed.

Mr. Seaman said it was a difficult investigation and officers are relieved it is over.

"It was a pretty sensitive investigation and, you know, there's been a lot of media attention to it and a small child involved," Mr. Seaman said. "We're relieved that this part of our investigation is concluded.

"The Crown may request more investigation, but we'll wait and see what they want and what they recommend."

Kaya, who has Down's syndrome, survived the 47-metre fall with nothing but scratches and bruises.

Rescuers say branches broke her fall onto a rocky ledge below the suburban Vancouver tourist attraction.

The child's mother, Nadia Hama, said she tripped as she walked across the bridge with 18-month-old Kaya in her arms. Her son Jovan, 5, was with them as well.

She was not available for comment yesterday but has been very critical of how the RCMP handled the case.

Ms. Hama said she was questioned for almost 24 hours after Kaya's fall and police wouldn't tell her about the baby's condition.

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