Man Exonerated Years After Suicide
April, 1998

OSLO, Norway (AP) -- More than a decade after a father committed suicide because he was jailed for incest, the son and daughter he allegedly abused finally cleared his name in court Friday.
Atle Hage was convicted in 1984 of sexually molesting his son, Oystein and daughter, Nina, and was sentenced to three years in prison. He later killed himself in 1987 after repeatedly failing to disprove the charges. He was 40.
His children, as adults, stuck to their claim they were never abused and went to court to clear their father's name.
When the evidence was reviewed in Trondheim district court this month, the prosecutor recommended a posthumous acquittal.
The incest charges were filed after a bitter divorce and custody battle for the children. The children were not questioned by the court because a psychologist said it would be too much for them.
In clearing Hage on Friday, the court said psychologists called as expert witnesses in the first trial had done an unsatisfactory job and simply accepted the mother's word.